About Us



Kaycan is one of the world’s leading vinyl, aluminum and engineered wood siding and coil producers, and distributors of windows and patio doors. Our products are sold worldwide in 35 countries. We operate some of the most advanced plants in the world, with production 24/7, fifty-one weeks a year. We operate more than 4,000,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in eighteen plants and 2,500,000 square feet of distribution space in 60 centers across North America.



At Kaycan, keeping consumer needs top of mind is an integral part of who we are. Ensuring every Customer Experience is a positive one for every customer is a goal we continuously strive to achieve. We treat all our customers with honesty, integrity and respect. Satisfied customers who feel as if their needs are being met, or even, exceeded, are more likely to speak positively of our business and remain loyal. Building solid partnerships with our customers is key.



As a family-owned and operated company for over four decades, with over 2,200 employees worldwide, quality care, reliability and trust remain our most important values. An extensive range of products available in locations throughout the globe, supported by decades of experience and outstanding physical and human resources enable us to consistently deliver on-schedule and to-specification.



Our vision is to be a respected, profitable and growing manufacturer of building products that is the supplier of choice because of our quality products and reliable services, and the employer of choice because we offer a safe, ethical, fun, challenging and rewarding place to work.


Kaycan continuously designs innovative products to keep pace with an ever changing environment. As an eco-conscious manufacturer, Kaycan has adopted and keeps refining business strategies and activities to meet the current requirements of the enterprise while protecting, sustaining and enhancing natural resources that will be required in the future. Kaycan strives to provide to its employees an environment with opportunities for long-term employment fostering personal and professional growth.